How to develop your endurance riding a bicycle

The resistance refers to the ability of your body to withstand long periods of exercise. And riding a bike needs a lot of endurance. And the best way to develop the endurance is to combine long sessions of riding with training programs and some changes in your lifestyle. The goal is not necessarily to improve the strength of your legs. Instead, the true goal is to improve your ability to ride the bike for longer periods and hopefully faster too. So, let’s begin how can you become a better cyclist. Only having the best mountain bike wont help you enough you dont build up the endurance for riding.

7 steps to improve your endurance:

  1. Set a realistic goal for your endurance and fitness. For example, set a goal to ride the bike for 20 miles comfortably without feeling tired. Now start training according to that goal you set for yourself. This will determine how long you exercise per week and how intense should be your training routines.
  2. The distance of ride increases with time. For example, if you cover 25 miles a week, try to get to 30 miles the next week. Try to increase your distance and speed around 10% every week if you’re training for a race or a keeping up to a road trip with your friends.
  3. Ride a bike three times a week for as much distance as you can. Ideally, try to do three sessions of two hours. Then make two three-hour sessions when you feel more comfortable. These time sessions are serious business to cyclists or people looking to increase their strength significantly.
  4. Use interval training as part of your weekly routine. Ride a bike for about 32 minutes, including four minutes at the beginning and end to heat and cool. Divide remaining 24 minutes into six periods of four minutes. Train to about 60% of your maximum rate in the first, third and fifth training sections and 80% the other three sections. This can develop your endurance.
  5. Drink plenty of water before cycling and carry a water bottle with you. Uses a bottle holder on the bike to keep water within reach hand but not the way.
  6. Try to carry pieces of energy bars and bananas while riding a bike for longer distance to keep your energy levels up. This will help you to exercise for more distance without feeling so tired.
  7. If possible then try to train with other cyclists. This will provide you the motivation. Set goals with your group. This will certainly help you to work harder so you can achieve your goals. Working with a team encourages you to improve your endurance.
Try to sleep around 8 hours every night to make sure your body is well rested for exercise. Eat a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and fiber to improve your general condition for resistance training. Avoid exercise every day. Give your body a chance to recover resting throughout the week. If you are having difficulty choosing the best mountain bike under 1000 dollars do check our guide. Do not try too hard in your sessions. If you feel weak or sore, for bike riding then take the necessary time to recover. Putting your body to the worst of condition is necessary but making sure that it recovers is also crucial. Be intelligent and follow the routine, and in no time you will achieve your objective.

Reference : Mountain Bikes Pro