Dash Cams: 4 Reasons You Need Them In Your HGV

Cameras seem to be around every corner, and now they are being used on the dashboards of vehicles – not just in ambulances and other emergency cars, but also in HGV vehicles. So, does your HGV have one? If not, why is it important to make sure you have one?

Over the last couple of years, dash cam technology has been an excellent way for drivers to self-protect. Purchasing and installing dash cams in your HGV vehicle provides visual proof in case of an accident, hence fends off false charges from insurance scammers as well as possibly malicious or corrupt police officers. As an HGV driver, you should, therefore, be particularly interested in dash cams since they are an effective way to protect yourself while driving.

While Cobra UK a security solution provider has advocated for the legislation of dash cams without success, there’s a pile of reasons why you should have front-facing cameras in your HGV. Here’s a look at just 4 reasons:

Hard Evidence Against ‘Crash For Cash’ Scammers

When you are driving your HGV with a dash cam, you have a reliable extra pair of eyes. Dash cams will be recording everything on the road including road rage, unsafe as well as 'crash for cash' drivers. They will protect you from people looking to not only tarnish your driving record but also scam you.

Not familiar with the 'crash for cash' drivers? They operate like this: a malicious driver will cause an intentional incident at a parking lot or even violate your right-of-way at an intersection to cause an accident.

Sometimes, they will even overspeed just to get in front of your car then slam on the brakes or make turns without triggering indicator lights. As a result, an unsuspecting victim ends up crashing into them from behind – something that police officers and insurance companies use to find the crasher at fault. A dash cam is an impartial witness that will not only prove that you were not at fault but also that the vehicle accident was caused by the other driver’s deliberation.

Save Money on Auto Insurance

While even major insurance companies in the US do not provide incentives or discounts for having a dash cam, the opposite applies in the UK. Vehicle insurance providers in the UK value front-facing dashboard cameras so much that they use them to evaluate claims. Therefore, if you were required to install a dash cam on your LGV training, you are eligible for discounted insurance premiums. In fact, some car insurance companies will even provide discounts of up to 15% off HGV owner’s monthly premiums. So, installing dash cams is not only an excellent to get cheaper insurance premiums. Besides, with the rising popularity of dash cams, the discount provided by insurance companies is expected to increase accordingly.

Arms You With Evidence For Insurance

HGV vehicles are not cheap. And the situation can turn to a total nightmare if you have a poor driving record or have previously been a victim of a ‘crash for cash’ scam. So, how can you prove to your insurer that you are not at fault? Make use of dash cams. Insurance investigators will use your dash cam to view the events leading to the accident and hence not only absolve you of any suspicions but also make it possible to close the case faster and get your claim. If you install a dash cam, you can provide it as evidence for insurance if the need arises. After all, a dash cam video footage is exceptionally valuable than your word or an eye witness.

Monitor & Elevate Driving Standards

Whether you own a single HGV or a fleet of them, it is imperative that you know how your drivers operate your vehicles in your absence. When you purchase and install a dual-lensed dash camera in your HGV ort LGV fleet you can be able to monitor the driver’s road behaviour and improve it. HGVs are a huge investment, rather than sit around wondering how your drivers are driving your vehicles, install dash cams for non-intrusive but comforting surveillance.